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Our history

About us?

Carlitos Pizzas Empanadas, is a family and a labor of love for the Argentinian Pizza Master, Carlos Knuppel, with 30 years of culinary experience as a Pizza Master.
Their artisan pizzas from the dough to the sauce are made by their own hands every day; taking into account that each added product will always be fresh and of the best 100% natural quality.
It is recognized for having the largest variety of flavors of pizzas and dishes to suit our customers since we are a family business, where our passion is the love that we transfer to our products for our customers.
Because at Carlitos Pizzas Empanadas we are "Original Hasta la Masa".
Carlitos Pizzas & Emapanadas, is a labor of love for the Argentinian master pizza maker, Carlos Knuppel, who has over 30 years of culinary experience.
Carlitos one of a kind pizzas and hand made daily Argentinian Empanadas. The dough, pizza sauce and every ingredient is always fresh and of the best 100% natural quality.
Carlitos is famous in Panama for a large variety of pizzas and always welcomes customers to create their own pizza if you don't see it on our menu. We are a family business with the passion focused on the care we put on our finish product for our customers. 



With much love since 2000


humble start

From an entrepreneurial idea, Carlitos Pizzas y Empanadas was created in the mid-2000s, based on offering a new way of eating pizza in addition to the delicious Argentine empanadas. Our beginnings were humble in a garage  converted into a Pizzeria in El Cangrejo with 10 tables and a lot of love, from there with great affection we have forged many relationships that many remember to date._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

After a few years of effort, we decided to move to Calle 54 Obarrio until we decided to move inland.


The Beach & The Mountain

Having a branch on the road to the beach was always on the cards, and when the opportunity presented itself we opened our first branch inland in San Carlos, in front of Palmar, and for more than 10 years this was our official home and factory for all products we make. In 2021 we decided that it was time to give him a permanent home and that was when we said goodbye to San Carlos to move to Sajalices, Chame.

El Valle de Antón and its beauty made us fall in love, placing a restaurant with the best possible view of India Dormida was another dream come true and from there came our baby Carlitos Pizzas El Valle de Antón. 


You sajalices!!

On May 20, 2021, we finally opened our store in Sajalices, Chame and with a lot of effort, thanks to the love that our clients offer us, we can now say we have a permanent home! A larger restaurant, with more green areas, picturesque and above all cozy. 

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